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13 May 2011

Let’s All Get on the QR Code Bandwagon… Maybe

By now you’ve probably seen these 2D images called QR codes.  They are popping up everywhere.  Businesses, in an effort to use the latest technology are plastering them on posters, billboards, businesses cards and more. QR (Quick
7 Apr 2011

The On-demand Generation

We’ve heard of Baby Boomers, GenX, GenY and Millennials.  Each provide their set of communication challenges. A realization came to me of what the next generation might be called and some of their challenges. We have a
17 Dec 2010

The Death of Adobe Flash

Today I had an interesting conversation with Hope Litwin about the future of Adobe Flash.  She was of the opinion that Flash was going to be obsolete in the next few years (if not sooner). This got
30 Apr 2010

Weekly Video: Technology Empowers Human Connections

We’ve seen many videos talking about social media.  You know the video, with an upbeat backtrack and countless statistics screaming across the video.  These are thought provoking videos, but one thing is missing in all the statistics;
28 Oct 2009

Social Surfing

The way we consume information online is changing rapidly. If there were web sites that we wanted to share with our friends, we would e-mail the links to them. Any discussions happened after the fact through e-mail
18 Oct 2009

Usability Testing With Usabilla

I’ve noticed a shift in the web design world.  Maybe the shift isn’t recent, maybe I’m just become aware of it.  The increasing importance of involving the user in the design process.  User centered design is becoming
23 Sep 2009

Weekly Video: Introduction to the Semantic Web

If you’ve been working on the web in the last couple of years, you may have heard the term Semantic Web or Web 3.0. You also may have no idea what this mean or hunch, but not