Redesign Archive

22 Jul 2010

Don’t Spill the Link Juice

You have a beautiful and functional redesigned website that your organization has invested months in user research, design and testing. You’re getting close to launching the redesigned website soon. But wait! You’re going to spill the link
21 Dec 2009

Weekly Video: Design by Committee

One of our web designers sent this link to me (I wonder if he’s trying to tell me something?). Actually, this video is very funny and puts into action the negative outcomes of design by committee.  All
11 Dec 2009

How Do You Measure Success?

Being successful online is all about measuring success. There are countless blog posts about measuring ROI using web analytics, establishing KPIs, using engagement to measure success with social media, etc. While all of these are absolutely important,
18 Oct 2009

Usability Testing With Usabilla

I’ve noticed a shift in the web design world.  Maybe the shift isn’t recent, maybe I’m just become aware of it.  The increasing importance of involving the user in the design process.  User centered design is becoming
21 Sep 2009

Web Strategy… Adding Intelligence to Web Design

Where I work, we are embarking on a web realignment (redesign) project for our main web presence.  From the very beginning we’ve had the mindset that this approach had to be strategic in nature.  I remember back
17 Jul 2009

Weekly Video: How to Preserve Rankings During a Website Redesign

Wow!  This is my first blog post in 2 1/2 weeks.  That’s what happens when you go on vacation with no laptop – it was great! Well, we are about to embark on a major web redesign. 
19 Jun 2009

Design by Convenience

Image via Wikipedia I came across a recent blog post by Seth Godin titled Circles of Convenience in which Seth relates how well known investors like Warren Buffet invest in Circles of Competence. This means simply ‘buy