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27 Feb 2017

9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

The following is a guest blog post from Sarah from StartBloggingOnline.com. One of the reasons why you may have a low conversion rate is that your website does not function well when opened on a mobile device. Take
15 Aug 2012

Web Strategy in Higher Education

In my new role as the Manager, Marketing & Web Development at NorQuest College, one of my tasks is to work stakeholders to develop a web strategy document that will set the direction for our redesign project
5 Oct 2011

Steve Jobs – One Man’s Mark on the World

I was very sad to hear of Steve Jobs’ passing today. His role at Apple and the visionary work he did in bringing us devices like the iPad and iPhone have permanently influenced the world. President Obama
25 Sep 2011

Establishing a Social Media Program

Whether your organization has 50 or 5000 employees, a social media program is critical to your organization’s success in the social space.  As organizational use of social media evolves and becomes more prevalent, establishing a program to carry
8 Jun 2011

Mobile… The New Frontier

Actually mobile isn’t all that new.  Wireless Markup Language (WML) has been around since 1998.  But it seems that lately that mobile awareness has been increasing significantly.  This may be largely affected by the increase in smartphone usage
13 May 2011

Let’s All Get on the QR Code Bandwagon… Maybe

By now you’ve probably seen these 2D images called QR codes.  They are popping up everywhere.  Businesses, in an effort to use the latest technology are plastering them on posters, billboards, businesses cards and more. QR (Quick
7 Apr 2011

The On-demand Generation

We’ve heard of Baby Boomers, GenX, GenY and Millennials.  Each provide their set of communication challenges. A realization came to me of what the next generation might be called and some of their challenges. We have a