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7 Oct 2009

Change Your WordPress URL

If you ever need to change the URL for your WordPress installation, this quick tip will help you. I just recently went through this process with another blog and while it was relatively painless, it could have
6 May 2009

My First Experience With Live Blogging

Image by mastermaq via Flickr I recently attended the Web Strategy Summit in Calgary, Alberta.  I was really excited to hear the keynote speakers which included Avinash Kaushik, Patrick Lor and Jeremiah Owyang and I wanted to
16 Mar 2009

WordPress Tips: Upgrading WordPress

Image via Wikipedia For the longest time I’ve been running with WordPress 2.5. Every time I login I see the little notice reminding be to upgrade to version 2.7, but I always put it off because I
16 Mar 2009

WordPress Tips: What Happened To My Post?

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been using WordPress for a couple of years now and would like to share my experience, tips and other interesting facts about WordPress in a new series of posts called WordPress Tips.  I