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2 Oct 2011

The Secret to Blogging & Presentation Success

I’ve been blogging for over three years and have been sharing presentations on a variety of social media topics for the past year. My most recent presentation was about social media and job searching. It went extremely
25 Sep 2011

Establishing a Social Media Program

Whether your organization has 50 or 5000 employees, a social media program is critical to your organization’s success in the social space.  As organizational use of social media evolves and becomes more prevalent, establishing a program to carry
17 Nov 2010

Generate More Blog Traffic

Yesterday I wrote a post highlighting the Future of Marketing virtual conference that happened that day. I didn’t expect the traffic that followed.  Within 24 hours, that post was seen 50 times, which is the most viewed
13 Nov 2010

How I Got 1000 Followers on Twitter

For many people, 1000 followers on Twitter is not a huge achievement, but for me it is.  The number of followers you have on Twitter doesn’t indicate success or failure, but its how engaged your followers are.
28 Oct 2010

8 Best Practices for Social Media Success

The list below of best practices are not a secret or only available to exclusive group of people, but it may seem that way because so many people still don’t follow these simple tactics. Despite the cartoon
12 Oct 2010

Get the Facebook Username You Want

How many of you have gone to register a username for your Facebook page only to find out its unavailable.  You try to visit the Facebook page that so rudely ‘stole’ your username, but you find out
15 Jul 2010

SEO Copywriting – 5 Tips for Better Search Visibility

The following is a guest blog post from Corry Cummings. Corry is the owner of Content Customs, a content creation company that specializes in high quality web content writing services. He also runs a blog over at Content Customs,