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29 Feb 2016

Best Marketing Tactic EVER!

Now this may not actually be the best marketing tactic ever, but it definitely is one of them, if not the best. Newsjacking. Real-time marketing. Topical marketing. You may have heard of these terms before, maybe not.
30 Mar 2015

A New Kind of Fail Whale From SeaWorld

I’m still surprised that organizations manage social media under the assumption that they can guide or control the message. A while a go I wrote about how McDonald’s tried just that with their #McDStories Twitter campaign – and
2 Jun 2014

Subway Canada Is A Twitter Rockstar

I thought it wasn’t possible for me to love Subway any more than I do. I mean who doesn’t love a delicious toasted sub made to order? Well Subway Canada has made me love them even more. Last
6 Dec 2013

Tweet-a-Coffee: Another example of Starbucks brilliance

There’s no denying that Starbucks understands technology, and more importantly, their customers. In 2011, Starbucks began accepting mobile payments through an app they developed.  The app would allow customers to connect Starbucks cards to the app and
22 Nov 2013

Social media doesn’t make you a customer service superstar

I’ve written a number of posts about customer service, many of them about how social media is a great customer service tool. I need to clarify something. Social media does not make a a company with poor
24 Jun 2013

Empowering Your Brand Advocates

Social media has much power.  It has the power to allow brands to communicate with fans, provide customer service and build awareness.  It also has the power to surprise and empower.  That’s where this post starts. It
13 Apr 2013

Win the new HTC One!

I wanted a more catchy or original name for this post, but I wanted something that would grab your attention. Now that I have your attention, listen up. The cool folks at Telus hooked me up with