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17 Feb 2012

Get more exposure on LinkedIn

So you’ve been on LinkedIn for some time now and maybe you’re asking yourself, “why aren’t the offers flooding in?” Maybe the simple answer is: no one can find you? Just like its challenging to have your
9 Dec 2011

What I Learned From Jim Hillyer: Social Media is an Amplifier

I’ve written a couple of posts in the past on this topic, but people obviously still need educating. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are amplifiers.  They can take the good and the bad and
29 Jun 2011

Another Vancouver Riot Casualty

If you watched coverage of the riots, you saw footage similar to this image.  For whatever reason, those who participated in the riots seem to have no concern about what people around them thought of them or
14 Dec 2010

The Blurring of the Lines: Reputation Management

There has been countless posts talking about protecting your identity or brand online by not posting stupid comments, photos or videos. I think that is the least of your concern. With the market exploding with dozens of
9 Sep 2010

Social Media Safety: Protect Your Reputation

This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity of presenting to some new college students about social media safety.  Internet safety prior to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. was really about protecting yourself from those who would do you