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1 Feb 2017

Customer Service: The Most Important Business Practice to Invest In

It’s been almost a year since my last blog post, but I’ve been fairly busy in my new role as a Multimedia Production instructor at Lethbridge College. Which by the way, is best job in the world!
1 Apr 2016

Is an April Fools Video Profitable?

How many of you woke up on April 1st to find your favorite brand announce a crazy new product or service? Every year on April 1, organizations try to come up with ways to “trick” their fans/clients.
29 Feb 2016

Best Marketing Tactic EVER!

Now this may not actually be the best marketing tactic ever, but it definitely is one of them, if not the best. Newsjacking. Real-time marketing. Topical marketing. You may have heard of these terms before, maybe not.
23 Oct 2015

Why the New Barbie Ad is Brilliant

Today in my Facebook feed I came across the latest ad for Barbie. I was immediately impressed with it. Mattel hasn’t always created the best ads for Barbie. Take a look at this one for example. But this one
24 Sep 2015

Lowe’s: The 6 Second Marketer

By now you’ve probably heard of Vine. Did you know that this two year old social platform can be used for more than just silly 6 second videos? Vine can be a powerful marketing tool. How can
1 Jul 2015

Canada Day & Social Media

If you’re like me, your social media feeds have blown up with #CanadaDay2015 and #CanadaDay hashtags, from both your real friends and brands you follow – and sometimes brands you don’t follow. Here’s a few examples:  
15 Apr 2014

PPC Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising

I had a conversation today that got me thinking. The conversation was about the value and purpose of dedicated landing pages for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. I’m a firm believer (and I’m not the only one) in using