Canada Day & Social Media

If you’re like me, your social media feeds have blown up with #CanadaDay2015 and #CanadaDay hashtags, from both your real friends and brands you follow – and sometimes brands you don’t follow.

Here’s a few examples:




Positive Newsjacking

Last year I wrote about the negative effects of newsjacking. Sharing branded content on days like Canada Day and other positive celebrations are a great example of newsjacking.  Canadians are very proud and willing to share content about Canada’s birthday.  As a brand, if you create witty branded content that appeals to your audience, you’re almost guaranteed a share.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when sharing branded content around an event like Canada Day:

  • Use photos. In the examples above, all four used photos.  It helps the content stand out and in the case of Canada Day, can reinforce your support for the red and white.
  • Don’t be salesy. While Canadians are proud and will share branded content if it’s Canadian-focused, don’t try to hard to connect special events to sales. It’s OK to have Canada Day sales and promote it, but don’t appear desperate or needy.
  • Use hashtags. Today, all events and celebrations have an official hashtag. Make sure you know what the official hashtag is and use it. Using the wrong hashtag can reduce the amount of views your content could receive.
  • Have fun. Events like Canada Day and other celebrations are a chance for your brand to have fun and show personality. I love what McDonalds did to have fun and still promote their product.

What are some ways that you’ve shared branded content during a major event or celebration?