Subway Canada Is A Twitter Rockstar

I thought it wasn’t possible for me to love Subway any more than I do. I mean who doesn’t love a delicious toasted sub made to order? Well Subway Canada has made me love them even more.

Last week I was hungry way before lunch and sent the following tweet out:

We’ve all done this before. Send a tweet out into the Twittersphere, not expecting anyone to listen, let alone respond.

Well, within minutes, I received the following tweet from Subway Canada:

I was in shock and awe.  Everyday I’m amazed at the coolness of companies like Subway.  It didn’t matter what they were going to send me, my affinity towards Subway went up like a bajillion percent.

Subway Canada delivered and it was glorious.

Why Subway Canada is a Twitter rockstar

Subway Canada obviously “gets” Twitter. They are a Twitter rockstar for the following reasons:

  • They listened. First and foremost, this is the most important thing. It’s not enough to listen to your brand mentions, you need to listen to terms related to your industry. I didn’t mention Subway Canada or even subs.  Chances are they either listened for the term ‘lunch’ or ‘food’.
  • They made it personal. You can see from the photo of the note, it was personal.  Handwritten by one of the social media staff. This made it feel even more authentic. In addition to the handwritten note, their tweets also have personality and didn’t feel official or corporate.  It felt like a real person was at the other end.
  • They included a hashtag. Including a hashtag in your conversations accomplishes one of two things; 1) Reinforces your brand and 2) helps your message get seen by those outside your circle of influence.
  • They gave away free stuff. While this alone doesn’t make anyone a Twitter rockstar, it doesn’t hurt, along with the ideas above.  I mean who doesn’t like to get free stuff, especially when they’re not expecting it?

Anyone can follow after Subway Canada’s footsteps. How are you going to become a Twitter rockstar? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


  • Eric Albrecht

    For one free meal Subway got you to talk to your friends, public and social media about their company. Seems like a fairly cheap way to get free advertising. Job well done on their part.

  • Eric Olsen

    Great story, Mike! Similar to Eric, I’m curious what requirements their social media folks are on the look-out for to make this awesome gesture a great ROI decision as well. For example, how many followers should the recipient of the “benevolent” gesture have to make this a worthwhile venture?