PPC Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising

479589825I had a conversation today that got me thinking. The conversation was about the value and purpose of dedicated landing pages for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

I’m a firm believer (and I’m not the only one) in using dedicated landing pages for any PPC advertising.

But why do we need a dedicated landing page for digital advertising?

We all learn best by analogies.  Let’s use the analogy of selling a house.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising like radio, print, billboards, etc. are typically targeted broadly.   In addition, you don’t know which entry point they may come into your site – even if you have the URL included.  They could come through the URL you promote, but they could also come through your homepage or through a Google search.

Using the analogy of selling a house, traditional marketing would be the same as promoting the house that is for sale, showing pictures, sharing great features, but not giving an exact address – only a rough vicinity.  We rely on visitor’s ability to find their way to the house using their own methods.  They may find it, they may not find it.  They may get distracted along the way.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising allows all the same features of traditional advertising, with these two additional benefits; specific targeting and specific messaging.

Using the same analogy of selling a house, PPC advertising allows you not only to talk about the house, but provide detailed directions to the house as well as pointing out all the unique selling features of the house and provides a quick and easy way to ask for more information – all without the risk of getting lost along the way.

To reap all the benefits of PPC advertising, you need a dedicated landing page.  Using webpages from your corporate site, you run the risk of visitors getting lost or distracted.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, if you’re doing any form of  PPC advertising, you need to use dedicated landing pages.  Here’s why:

This is issue is particularly rampant in higher education.  Most higher education institutions don’t understand PPC advertising. They treat digital marketing the same as traditional marketing – it’s not. Stop it!

PPC advertising provides so much more capabilities from targeting to specific messaging. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of it.

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