A Crowd Funding Experiment

Crowd funding through tools like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionized fundraising for non-profit and commercial endeavors.

In the last three years the amount of funds raised through crowd funding sites has tripled to over $5 billion worldwide.  Quite often the most successful crowd funding campaigns surpass campaign goals.  This is the case with Neil Diamond’s PonoMusic Player, destroying the campaign goal of $800,000 by raising over $6 million dollars.


Not just a regular crowd funding campaign

For a number of years I’ve wanted to write a book about social media and business, but haven’t pursued it.

Last week I published an article on LinkedIn about Starbucks’ Tweet-a-Coffee campaign.  Within in 2 days it blew up with over 71,000 views.  I realized that there’s an appetite in the business community to read and talk about innovative businesses using technology and social media.  I decided that to address the need by writing a book.

I’m looking at raising funds to support the self-publishing and marketing activities for the new book, but there’s more.

Unlike a regular crowd funding campaign, I’m also looking at crowd sourcing the book as well.

While the majority of the book will be written by me, I want to crowd source portions of the book.  For each main section, I’m looking for case studies of businesses effectively integrating social media into their organization. The main topics where cases studies are required are:

  • Social Selling
  • Social Service
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Recruitment
  • Social Giving

How you can help

This is an exciting opportunity and anyone can help.  There are four main ways that you can help:

  1. Share the link to my Indiegogo campaign. Sharing this link (http://igg.me/at/thesocialbusinessbookproject/x/7176998) through email or social channels not only increases the views, but also increases the chances of the campaign being featured on Indiegogo.
  2. Comment on my Indiegogo campaign. Commenting on my campaign’s comment page will also increase the likelihood of the campaign being featured on Indiegogo.
  3. Share case studies. If you’ve written case studies of a business integrating social media into their business, I’d love to hear from you. You’ll receive full credit and a copy of the book.
  4. Donate. While all these ways mentioned above are great and needed, without the funds, this project won’t happen.  You can donate any amount, but there are rewards for $1, $10, $40, ad $125 donation levels.

For more information on the campaign, visit my Indiegogo campaign page.