The Power of Real

You’ve probably heard of real-time marketing.  Oreo scored a touchdown during Super Bowl XLVII when the power went out.  They set the new standard for brands and real-time marketing.  But what about the power of real?

Last night marked the 86th Academy Awards.  Twitter was (and still is) buzzing with Oscars talk.  In fact the #Oscars hashtag is still trending today. But that’s not the only topic trending as a result of the Oscars. Ellen DeGeneres is trending today as well.

I’m confident that’s it’s also because of Ellen that the #Oscars hashtag is still trending.  You see, during the awards night, Ellen tweeted a photo, which is being called the best selfie of all time.  To date, it’s been retweeted more the 2.5 million times – breaking the record for the most retweeted tweet.

Why the fuss?

What’s the big deal? Why did over 2.5 million people think the photo was worth sharing? Because it’s real.  People love to see life in it’s true form, unaltered. Whether it’s the Oscars, coverage at an event, or a behind the scenes look at your organization, people want to see real.

When developing your social media content strategy, think beyond the professional photo shoots, think real.  Show your audiences something real.  Show them your personality.

What do you think? What can you share that’s real?