Tweet-a-Coffee: Another example of Starbucks brilliance

starbucksThere’s no denying that Starbucks understands technology, and more importantly, their customers.

In 2011, Starbucks began accepting mobile payments through an app they developed.  The app would allow customers to connect Starbucks cards to the app and reload them via PayPal or credit card. Customers could then easily pay for their in-store purchase by holding their phone up to the cash register.  This past summer, Starbucks has indicated that mobile purchased have accounted for 10% of in-store purchases in the US.

Well, they’ve done it again.

This past fall they launched a new Twitter campaign called Tweet-a-Coffee. This campaign allowed customers to buy a coffee for anyone on Twitter by tweeting @tweetacoffee and the person’s Twitter handle.  By doing this and connecting their Starbucks account to their Twitter account, a $5 gift card would be given.

Over 27,000 people have tweeted a coffee, some multiple times.  This flurry of activity has generated over $180,000 in sales in just a couple of months.

Can you say cha-ching?

Why did this work?

There are many reasons why, but here is summarized list:

  • People love coffee.
  • People love Starbucks.
  • People love giving Starbucks.
  • It was super easy.
  • It was unique.

The underlying reason why the Tweet-a-Coffee campaign has been successful is because Starbucks knows their audience. They know what they like and how they use technology.

Do you understand your audience? I mean really, do you?

  • Stefano Bianchi

    interesting article, what would you suggest to better understand an audience?