Bueller… Bueller… Anyone? Are you listening on social media?

I typically like to share examples of positive case studies of social media use, but I had an experience over the weekend that I had to share.

Cineplex was holding a Black Friday sale over the weekend where you could buy one movie and get another movie free PLUS a free ticket to Cineplex.  They promoted the sale on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


It was a steal of deal, or so I thought.

I realized quickly that many of their physical items (DVDs & BluRays) were on backorder, and likely wouldn’t be received before Christmas.  I was sad and tweeted Cineplex.


I never received a response.  So I researched a bit more on their Facebook page and noticed comment after comment from people complaining about one aspect or another about the sale.  Here is just a sample:


There were over 75 comments on their Facebook page about the sale and not once did Cineplex reply or comment.

I’ve talked about this ad nauseam. You have to listen on social media. Don’t treat it like traditional mass marketing, put it on auto-pilot and spit out your messages.  Now that being said, from reading the comments, it sounds like Cineplex might have deeper issues with their customer service.  Maybe they should take a page out of The Bay’s customer service book?

How to avoid the Bueller… Bueller… Syndome

  • Approach social media not as a marketing tool, but a relationship tool. Do I need to say more?
  • Put the appropriate resources to manage and listen on your social media channels. Social is not free.  You need to invest time into it and allow your staff time to create compelling content and respond.
  • Don’t shut down your monitoring at 4:30 pm on Friday. Your audience doesn’t shut down on the weekend, you shouldn’t either.  While you may be able to scale back operations, it’s critical that you’re there to at least listen.