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11 Dec 2013

WestJet: the magic behind the Christmas miracle

I love talking about awesome organizations. Last week I wrote about how Starbucks demonstrated Twitter brilliance with their Tweet-a-Coffee campaign. This week I want to write about how WestJet once again demonstrated YouTube brilliance,  but their brilliance
6 Dec 2013

Tweet-a-Coffee: Another example of Starbucks brilliance

There’s no denying that Starbucks understands technology, and more importantly, their customers. In 2011, Starbucks began accepting mobile payments through an app they developed.  The app would allow customers to connect Starbucks cards to the app and
3 Dec 2013

Bueller… Bueller… Anyone? Are you listening on social media?

I typically like to share examples of positive case studies of social media use, but I had an experience over the weekend that I had to share. Cineplex was holding a Black Friday sale over the weekend