Stop cramming and start talking

cramSometimes I feel like a broken record when I talk about topics over and over again.  But this is a topic that I don’t think the majority of organizations have fully internalized yet.

Over and over again I see businesses sharing content – either from them or somewhere else.  But I see very little conversations.  It’s almost like they’re talking to their audience and not with them.  I know I’ve been guilty of it. We all have. But it has to stop.

When I see businesses handle their social media accounts like this, it tells me something: the person managing their social media doesn’t get it.  Constantly pushing out messages, either marketing or PR in nature, is an old school tactic.  But to be successful in the age of social, we need to pull as well.  Seek out conversations. Seek out new people to talk with.  It may feel like pulling teeth at first, but as you start to engage this way, you’ll find a whole new world of opportunity.

It’s commitment time!

OK. This is it. After you read this post, I want you to commit to reduce your content pushing and increase your conversations.  Here’s how you can do it (it’s real simple): twice a day, look for a tweet from someone you follow that’s interesting and send them a reply.

If you’re ready to commit to this, leave your name below.  I’ll help you be accountable by following up with each of you :)

For the love of social media, please stop cramming content down your followers throats and start talking with them!

  • Travis Brock

    We will still push content because many people like it and we usually put our own twist on it (the headlines in caps). We usually get a great response. When people respond with a comment about the article and keep us tagged, a response is usually given. We also, try to spread out the articles so it is not too offensive to others. I would be happy to hear our thoughts. I would be happy to have more conversations at @emgonline or @tbrock111. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mike McCready

    Thanks for the comment Travis. I’m definitely not suggesting that we stop sharing content. In fact, a lot of great content is shared. What I’m suggesting is that we ensure that we don’t just share content, but that we engage and look for opportunities to connect.

    The @emgonline account is really great at doing that.

    I’ll keep the conversation going on Twitter :)

  • Travis Brock

    Thanks for the response and the kind words. As a business account @emgonline, it does seem like we get an automatic negative perception and put on the defensive rather quickly. For some people it is also hard to respond with an opinion to a business account.