What I learned from the CBC about Facebook Page engagement

By now every news outlet on the planet is using social media to share stories and connect with communities.  In Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is no exception.

I’ve ‘liked’ the CBC News Facebook page for sometime and I’ve noticed a recurring trend that I think is really cool.

One of the primary goals of news organizations is to deliver news to the general public.  CBC News (as well as many others) do this very well.  Throughout any given day, I will see a number of updates for CBC News with a story summary and a link to their website for the full story.  But this isn’t what’s so cool about how CBC News uses Facebook.

Involve Your Fans

We’ve heard over and over how social media is about 2-way communication and engagement.  Posting stories and photos does generate community engagement, but CBC News does something in addition to sharing stories and pushing their news articles – they give centre stage to their community.

They invite their community to upload a photo following a specified theme (right now it’s Canadian fall photos), and then they select one and share it on their Facebook page AND they make it the cover image for their page.  The most recent community image post generated more ‘likes’ than any of their other posts and had the 3rd most shares.  Now that’s engagement!



Not only do these fan-based updates generate high engagement, but for those who are profiled, it builds a strong connection with your brand.  I mean who doesn’t like seeing their name and work showcased. I’m sure Karen Sloan was thrilled to have her photo shared and made the cover image for CBC News.


How can you involve your community and profile them on your social accounts? I would love to hear cool stories on how you’ve involved your community, please share in the comments.