How To Be Freaking Awesome!

I don’t normally write blog posts back-to-back like this.  But something happened that I just have to share. I’m attending the #PSEWEB conference in Vancouver this week and staying at the Delta Vancouver Suites. I Instagramed the following picture of the view from room, not really expecting anything, just playing with Instagram. I included the caption, “The inside of my room at the Delta is really nice, but the view, not so much.#PSEWEB.”


Within less than an hour, I received the following tweet from the main corporate Delta Twitter account:


I didn’t actually mention the Delta Twitter handle in my tweet, and yet they were listening and jumped into the conversation looking for a way to make my stay better.  Unfortunately, I was leaving the next day, so switching rooms wouldn’t really make a difference. Since switching rooms wasn’t really going to help, Delta followed up with this final tweet:


Now the Freaking Awesome Part

Normally the story would have ended hear and I would  have thought, “here’s a brand that is really listening and trying to make a difference.”

But that’s not where it ends.  I’m getting goose bumps just writing this.

I got up to my room after the #PSEWEB conference today and found this on my desk:

20130625_173103 (1)

The staff managing the official Delta account didn’t have to pass on the message to Delta Vancouver Suites. The staff at the Delta Vancouver Suites didn’t have to do anything. I probably wouldn’t have thought any less of them.  But now, I think more of them and the brand they represent.

We don’t do things through social media or other offline activities so people won’t think less of us, we do it so they’ll be happy, and ultimately think more of us.

In the words of my social media idol, Scott Stratten (aka @UnMarketing), a screw-up (not that this was one) is not a fire put out, but a chance to be awesome.

Thanks Alison and DJ from Delta Hotels. You’re freaking awesome!

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