How To Be Freaking Awesome!

I don’t normally write blog posts back-to-back like this.  But something happened that I just have to share. I’m attending the #PSEWEB conference in Vancouver this week and staying at the Delta Vancouver Suites. I Instagramed the following picture of the view from room, not really expecting anything, just playing with Instagram. I included the caption, “The inside of my room at the Delta is really nice, but the view, not so much.#PSEWEB.”


Within less than an hour, I received the following tweet from the main corporate Delta Twitter account:


I didn’t actually mention the Delta Twitter handle in my tweet, and yet they were listening and jumped into the conversation looking for a way to make my stay better.  Unfortunately, I was leaving the next day, so switching rooms wouldn’t really make a difference. Since switching rooms wasn’t really going to help, Delta followed up with this final tweet:


Now the Freaking Awesome Part

Normally the story would have ended hear and I would  have thought, “here’s a brand that is really listening and trying to make a difference.”

But that’s not where it ends.  I’m getting goose bumps just writing this.

I got up to my room after the #PSEWEB conference today and found this on my desk:

20130625_173103 (1)

The staff managing the official Delta account didn’t have to pass on the message to Delta Vancouver Suites. The staff at the Delta Vancouver Suites didn’t have to do anything. I probably wouldn’t have thought any less of them.  But now, I think more of them and the brand they represent.

We don’t do things through social media or other offline activities so people won’t think less of us, we do it so they’ll be happy, and ultimately think more of us.

In the words of my social media idol, Scott Stratten (aka @UnMarketing), a screw-up (not that this was one) is not a fire put out, but a chance to be awesome.

Thanks Alison and DJ from Delta Hotels. You’re freaking awesome!

  • Travis Brock

    That is truly impressive. Not many companies take the time to listen, but this one tops the customer service cake. Thanks for posting this story.

  • A. Dougherty

    Did they really say except instead of accept? This is a great story about a company’s positive response but it also raises some questions about privacy (and proofreading).

  • Eric Olsen

    Epic. I wonder if it was your compliment before the slap that caused them to be want to be especially nice to you? They knew you weren’t just a psycho.

  • Dennis Miller

    Great post. It’s nice to see a company so in tune with social media and going out of their way — in creative ways — to enhance your experience with them.

  • Al

    We met Alison a few years ago on a stay there. Simply amazing! All of the Delta staff! Have taken very good care of my friends too! Cudos to them, and to you… For sharing something good! Not many folks mention positives anymore!

  • Mike McCready

    Thanks for the comment Travis. What’s the ROI of social media? I wonder how many positive brand mentions Delta received through this one action?

  • Mike McCready

    I actually didn’t notice the misspelling until you mentioned it. Honestly, I was blinding by the sheer awesomeness of this. I agree spelling and grammar are important, but we’re human. What questions about privacy do you think are raised?

  • Mike McCready

    Haha. Good question. I do know that companies need to be wary of “ambulance chasers” looking for freebies.

  • Mike McCready

    Thanks for the comment. Given the opportunity, I would definitely stay at the Delta again.

  • Amy Farah Finnie

    I used to work at the Delta call center in Fredericton and DJ was working there when I was. He and the Delta Global Reservation staff are top knotch! They really do care about their customers just like they themselves were friends or family, it’s not just a job to them, it’s the way people should be treated, with respect. I have never worked with such a great group of people and they deserve recognition! Way to go DJ, Alison and all of GRS and Delta staff!

  • Lindsay

    We’ve stayed at many Deltas all over the country and your experience has been our experience over and over and over again. Whether traveling for business or with our family, Delta staff go out of their way to be helpful and make your stay fantastic. In the past four years we’ve been upgraded to a presidential suite to accommodate our dog (Federicton), had staff accompany me and our baby from the Calgary airport hotel to the actual airport and helped us check in (on two different trips), a picnic packed for us at the Vancouver Delta airport and a gentleman at the Regina concierge desk attempt to refuse a tip after moving us, many suitcases, two babies, a cooler, bassinet, two car seats and a stroller to our room. He just smiled and said he was happy to do his job. Those are just a few examples of the dozens of incredible Delta experiences we’ve had.

  • jenny

    I used to work for Delta Hotels and I can genuinely say they are a fantastic company to work for. They treat their employees with respect and trust them enough make decisions without having to go through the “chain of command”. When ever I encountered an unsatisfied customer I could assist them any way (within reason) I thought would help remedy or please the customer. It’s called “Employee Empowerment” and I have comped parking charges, sent chocolate covered strawberries and done numerous other things to let the person know we cared and took them seriously. I did all those things without having to ask permission first. As an employee, the perks are amazing. Discounted hotel rates, discounted meals at the hotel restaurants….and they treat you with respect, which is number 1 in my books!

  • DJ

    Let me tell you… this was a pleasure to action, and reading the blog gave me goosebumps! Thank you for the kind words! It is a true blessing to wake up each day and go to a job that -Supports your ideas and helps you action them! -Treat each other like family! Strive on development, and my personal favorite – Going above and beyond for all their guests and employee’s. I am inspired to help people and empower myself each day because of our company and its brand, and the community I work with. :) This was just another lending hand, another strive to help, another day at the office for @DeltaHotelsltd :) Thank you Team, Thank you Mike McCready :D AND Thank you Alison :D

    It has been a pleasure assisting you :)


  • Coral Gables Locksmiths

    Delta is really quick with their response. Their close monitoring on what people are saying about them in social media shows how much they value customers’ comments and they are ready make efforts to improve how they serve clients.

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