Awesome Book Giveaway

It started in January of this year.  I was watching this BBQ place screw up on Facebook.  I mean royally screw up.  I thought this would make a great case study some day on ‘how not to treat your customers,’ so I took a screenshot.

Later on, Scott Stratten (a.k.a. @UnMarketing) asked if he could use the screenshot in his upcoming book.  I was more than willing and excited to help contribute to his new book (even as small as a contribution as it was). I was even going to have my name in the book.  Woohoo! I was excited.

But that’s not where the story ends.  You see, Scott’s book is about Business Awesome (actually it’s also about Business UnAwesome – two books in one).  Scott not only writes about business awesome, he lives it.

Later on, I found out from Scott’s assistant that I would be getting a copy of the book, so they wanted to get my mailing address.  Again I was excited.

A free book from an author/speaker I enjoy hearing from, what else could I ask for?

How about two free books!

Again, Scott over-delivered and made me feel valuable.  I’ve had the chance to meet Scott in person.  That encounter, combined with this experience leads me to believe he knows how to live business awesome?

Free Book

That brings me to the point of this post. Since I have two copies of Scott’s new book “The Book of Business Un/Awesome” I’d like to give one away.  I mean I’m not that big of a fan to keep two copies of his book lying around :)

How do get the book you ask?  Simple.  In the spirit of his book, I’d like you to share a personal experience in the comments below about business awesome (or business unawesome if you’re a pessimist).  I’ll pick the coolest story and mail you the book.  It’s that simple.  I’ll the winner on September 4th.

If you don’t want to enter the contest, but you want the book, you can order it at Amazon.

  • Chris Koens

    I have found surprising brand love and brand loyalty due to the folks at Delta Airlines twitter response team. I fly somewhat frequently, but not enough to gain the clout of a special status frequent flyer or earn class upgrades, in essence I’m just a cattle class member like the rest on the plane, but I’m in cattle class more frequently than many. So, I am bound to experience difficulties with any airline – unfortunately that’s just the nature of today’s mass travel. But when I have run into travel hiccups, the @DeltaAssist folks have smoothed things over so quickly & effortlessly – even when the gate agent or 800# customer service people cannot. The Delta Assist people consistently shine over and above all the industry service people, including the other Delta people, but it has been enough of a “wow factor” to make me feel it has been business awesome. Now, if they could just share their secrets with the rest of their company & entire industry, that would be the REAL Business Awesome!

  • Jakob Rosenfeldt

    Doing my thesis I was looking for a survey provider that was 1) free of charge and 2) could do everything the paid ones could – as any student with high quality standards and no money does. I found Kwiksurveys.Com: highly programmable and free. I spend the following days designing and testing my questionaire, finishing just in time to go on the family weekend.

    Returning on sunday afternoon I go to the website, to do a bit of tweaking, just to find out that the Kwiksurvey servers has been hacked and most data has been lost. I was at square one after nearly a whole week of work. The desperation almost made me cry, so naturally I went on Twitter to vent my feelings. First response was from a friend recommending SurveyMonkey – I took a look and decided to pay the monthly fee. Shortly after the Twitter account of FluidSurveys invited me to use theirs instead – 3 months of premium free of charge! “Just my luck I thought! – now as I’ve just paid for SurveyMonkey these guys offer me something for free.” Again I vent my frustration on Twitter. Again FluidSurveys join in informing me of SurveyMonkeys cancelation refund policy in Europe: 14 days of cancelation! Yay! I abadonned SurveyMonkey right away and started building my survey for the 3rd time.
    So instead of having to use a free service with no costumer support, or using my hard earned money on a basic limited account I found my self with a excellent tool, with just as excellent customer service: responding within 24 hours – more than often less than that – of my enquiry, not having failed to solve any of my problems!
    They’ve got a costumer for life!

  • Mike McCready

    Jakob and Chris, thanks for sharing these great stories of business awesomeness!