How and Why to Keep Customers Happy

Image from Guacamoliest via Flickr

This seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately a lot of companies just don’t get it.

A few years ago I wrote a post entitled ‘Customer Service is the New Marketing‘ where I shared some thoughts on the importance of customer service and a great video interview with Lane Becker from Get Satisfaction.

Three years later, customer service still remains more important than any ‘marketing’ message your organization can push out.

Both positive and negative customer service experiences by YOUR customers are being shared at an exponential rate.  Social networks like Twitter, Yelp and more fully empower your customers to take their experiences and share them with the world.

Many companies just don’t get it, while others do and are trying.

For a number of weeks I’ve had issues with my Telus Internet and PVR box.  Here’s the process I followed:

  • First contact: spent over an hour on the phone with a technician then thought the problem was fixed. Nope.
  • Second contact: spent about an hour chatting with a technician online then thought the problem was fixed. Nope.
  • Third contact: interacted with a technician through Twitter direct messages then thought the problem was fixed. Nope
  • Fourth contact: last plea from Telus technicians through Twitter to help me out.  They finally sent a new modem and the problem seems to be fixed.

While Telus has appeared to solve my issues, it took four contacts and over three hours to resolve.  To be honest, I can’t shake the overall experience and frustration I feel.  Despite their efforts, it’s likely that I will still switch to Shaw.

It’s important to provide your customers with the service they expect and solve the problems in as short as time as possible.

A company that fully grasps this is Zappos.  They’ve often been referred to as a customer service company that sells shoes.

Keeping your customers happy is the most important activity your organization can do.  This fact is so important to me that I’ve written numerous posts about customer service.

Below is a great infographic from Bolt Insurance that talks about keeping customers happy.

Customer Service Infographic
Via: Bolt Insurance