A World Class Social Media Event in Your Backyard

Usually social media conferences with a stellar line-up that include Chris Brogan and Julien Smith are reserved for cities like New York or Las Vegas.

On May 10th, Mount Royal University is hosting the 2nd annual Social Media Shift Conference.  The focus this year is on bridging the gap between traditional marketing and social media.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • how mobile is changing the face of customer service
  • bridging the gap between online and IRL (in real life) activites
  • how to cultivate relationships and help customers feel like they belong

So what! What’s the big deal?

In today’s economy of tightened budgets and reduced PD, this question may be asked.  While it’s a valid question, this is a big deal. There are three reasons why this conference is important to attend.

1. Collective Knowledge
In my role as the Web & Social Media Strategist at Lethbridge College, it’s critical to stay current with technology, marketing and social media trends.  There is only so much research that I can do.  Attending a conference like this allows me to tap into the collective knowledge of those I meet as well as benefit from the research and experiences of the presenters.

2. Networking. Networking. Networking.
In 2008 I attended a conference focused on higher education web marketing (this is where I first heard Chris Brogan speak).  I still maintain professional relationships with some of the amazing people I met at the conference.  These connections have contributed to my success and help shape my career.

3. Chris Brogan
Like I said, I’ve heard Chris Brogan speak and it was amazing.  If you’re deep in the social media or digital marketing world, you may not have heard of him.  But don’t let that deter you.  Getting to hear Chris speak is a once in a lifetime (OK, for me it will be twice ;) ) opportunity.  Don’t pass up the chance to hear this icon speak.

I’m really looking forward to attending and would love to know if you’re attending.  If you are, please let me know in the comments and share your Twitter handle so we can connect prior to the event.  BTW, if you would like to follow the the event on Twitter, the hash tag is #MRUShift.

So, are you convinced yet?  If you register by April 10th, you’ll save $50.

  • http://www.socialskateboarding.com/ Ashley Cook

    Thanks mate for good deal and informative info. Guys, I want to attend annual social media shift conference which will be held 2nd may. Obviously I inform about with my friend.