Organizational Success with Social Media

Earlier this week, Megan Leap shared an article called 24 Tips to get the CEO & Corner Office to Say Yes to Social Media!

There are a number of great tips to encourage leadership in your organization to accept and support social media use.

The post got me thinking. What if you work in an organization where your CEO recognizes the power of social media and have embraced it?

Fortunately our CEO recognizes social media as a great tool to connect.  So much so, that last year directed that my position evolve in a web & social media strategist position.

The Real Challenge

Winning over your CEO is only part of the challenge, and most likely, the easiest part.

As the name suggests, social media is about being social.  Personal success on social media comes when you share and participate in the conversation and help others.  The same is true for organizations.  For an organization to be successful, the organization, not just individuals, needs to embrace and adopt social media.

If you’re a social media manager or specialist, it’s likely you’re responsible for your organization’s social media activities.  While it’s true that you’ll be responsible for some aspects of your organization’s social media activities, your more important role is that of a social media evangelist.

Last month, published a great post titled, 5 Ways to Get Your Entire Company on Board with Social Media.

In the post there’s some great advice, well worth a read.  One crucial point in the post is to encourage employee action.

If you think about it.  You’re a social media strategist, marketer, or whatever your title is.  The fact is that you’re likely not a subject matter expert.

I work at a Canadian college as the web & social media strategist.  I understand social media – the benefits, the risks, etc.  But I’m not a recruitment specialist or expert in one of our academic programs.  But we have people that are.

Lately I’ve been noticing more participation from others on campus.  For whatever reason, more ownership or recognition of the importance of social media is organically happening.  In fact, yesterday a staff member called me about a question a student posted on our Facebook page.  She was concerned that no one had responded and didn’t want his post to go too long without a response.

Everyone Doesn’t Have to be an Administrator

Organizational adoption of social media doesn’t mean that everyone has to administer or accept direct accountability for social media accounts.  What it does mean is that employees need to be the eyes, ears and sometimes mouth of the organization on social media.

There have been recent questions on our Facebook page where appropriate staff members have responded.  Not as our brand page, but as themselves.  Obviously, indicating their relationship to the organization is important to instil any confidence in the response, but the fact remains – you don’t have to be an administrator to help your organization succeed on social media.

What are some ways you’ve seen organization success with social media? Please share below.

  • Tracy Edwards

    Mike, you are definitely our social media evangelist!  You have done great work moving us forward quickly both with your initiatives at Lethbridge College, but also with your thoughtful blogging.  We are lucky to have you on our team!