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16 Mar 2012

Organizational Success with Social Media

Earlier this week, Megan Leap shared an article called 24 Tips to get the CEO & Corner Office to Say Yes to Social Media! There are a number of great tips to encourage leadership in your organization to
12 Mar 2012

Give Your Brand a Personality on Social Media

We’ve often hear of brand voice. Melinda Flores from Interbrand indicates that your brand voice: best delivers the messages you’re trying to send and shapes the perception of your brand not only through what you say but how you say it.
5 Mar 2012

Six Benefits of Using Twitter at a Conference

When you attend an event, whatever the theme, you always have two goals: to learn and to network. In the past these goals were achieved by fervently writing notes and just as fervently handing out business cards. While these activities still happen, Twitter