Get more exposure on LinkedIn

So you’ve been on LinkedIn for some time now and maybe you’re asking yourself, “why aren’t the offers flooding in?”

Maybe the simple answer is: no one can find you?

Just like its challenging to have your paper resume stick out in a pile of resumes, it’s difficult for people to find you on LinkedIn – that is without the proper tactics.

Think about it. There are over 100 million users on LinkedIn. That would be like trying to find one specific person in all of Mexico. Without instructions or map it would be impossible.

A map to your profile

I’ve known for some time the importance of having a completed profile on LinkedIn.

Last week I added 14 skills related to my career to my profile. The graph below indicates how many times my profile has appeared in search results in the last 90 days. The spike in search results correlates with the timing of the adding the new skills.


Remember: if you want people to find you on LinkedIn, provide them a map by including all relevant skills.  You can add 50 skills, so why not add the max?

For more help on adding skills, visit this LinkedIn Help Page. Or  to understand more about profile stats, watch this video.