Building a Social Business

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few days now and read a great post by Amber Naslund that talks about what businesses need to do to become a social business.

In her post, Amber talks about how businesses want to become social and leverage the power of these tools, but are unwilling to make the necessary changes (eg. invest money/time, change personnel, etc.).

Everywhere you look you see Facebook contests or Twitter promotions from companies trying to entice you to “like” them or give up some personal information.  Some of these contests are very successful and bring the company a lot of publicity.

These contests are effective and should be part of your company’s social marketing strategies, but they in no way define your company as a social business.

To become a social business and leverage the true power of social communications, it requires a cultural change.  Not just in your marketing department, select individuals or even your CEO, but throughout your organization.

Social media needs to be baked-in to every aspect of your organization with a sincere desire to listen, respond and act upon the conversations that are had.  Whether finance,  product development or customer support; the goal should be improved communications and customer satisfaction and input.

This change will not happen overnight. It will take time and commitment. But the organizations that are able to achieve this change will be better aligned to meet the evolving demands of their customers.

For more information on how social technologies can influence organizations, check out the book Open Leadership by Charlene Li.

Do think organizations today are true social businesses or do we have some time to go before we see this evolution? Please share your thoughts below.

  • Neal

    Social media is a powerful tool. Aside from the fact that you can aware other people about your business and what kind of service you are offering, you can also attract potential clients here and gain good reputation.