Everyone is Responsible for Brand Management

If you work in marketing, one of your primary responsibilities is to manage your organization’s brand by positively influencing public perception of your organization – public perception after all is reality.

What if you don’t work in marketing? What if you are a janitor, IT specialist or a truck driver?

Everyone within your organization is responsible for brand management.

Take for example the photo of this Purolator truck. It’s likely the driver doesn’t have anything about marketing or brand management in his/her job description, but their actions do affect the public’s perception of Purolator.

Someone seeing this truck could form the following opinions about Purolator:

  • Purolator cuts corners (why didn’t they wash the whole truck?).
  • Purolator’s working conditions are filthy.
  • If they don’t care about their property, will they care about my package?
  • View Purolator as sub-standard.

While we don’t know what goes trough the minds of others, is it worth the risk?

Everyone in your organization is responsible for brand management. If you instill this value in your employees and empower them to carry it out, you will see positive opinion of your brand increase.

What are your thoughts?

  • Jody workman

    Great post mike.

  • http://www.mikemccready.ca/blog/ Mike McCready

    Thanks Jody.  We should chat sometime really soon.  Do you have any time this week?

  • Lawcf

    Yes they are!