Social Media is About Conversations

Mari Smith at Facebook HQ

I’ve written posts about how Jimmy Fallon and Ashton Kutcher have demonstrated the breakdown of social media.

At it’s core, social media is about conversations – even if you’re a social media rock star.

For a long time I’ve believed that people could not maintain relationships when their follower count reached a certain number.

I want to share a quick experience that has caused me to adjust my thinking.

Many of you may know Mari Smith. She’s a social media author and speaker with over 130,000 followers on Twitter. It would be understandable if she missed or ignored conversations.

You can see from the Twitter stream below that despite Mari’s large follower base and no apparent gain for her, she took a moment to reply to me.

Even if you’re a rock star like Mari Smith, you still can have conversations with your followers. It really depends on where your priorities lie and if you truly get social media.

Obviously, Mari does. Thanks Mari for demonstrating to me that you can still have conversations even if you have thousands of followers.

  • Mari Smith

    Hey Mike! Thank you kindly for the props! :) It does take a bit extra effort to scale social media management… but as my friend Gary Vaynerchuk says, it’s certainly possible to scale caring. I care passionately about my peeps and do what I can to respond to as many as I can! :) 

  • Mike McCready

    I love it – ‘scale caring.’  Thanks for commenting and always providing great ideas.