ShortStack: An Amazing Tool for Facebook Pages

In September, I wrote a post about Facebook Contests. In that post I promised a tutorial / review of a tool that can help you create promotions and other amazing pages on Facebook.

I’ve used ShortStack for over a year and I would never want to manage a Facebook page without it.  The team at ShortStack have done an amazing job with their documentation and video tutorials, so I’m not going to try and recreate instructions. I’ll just tell you why it’s an amazing tool. By the way, I don’t work for or receive compensation from ShortStack, I just love the product.

There are three reasons why I love ShortStack:

  1. Super easy: To add elements to your custom Facebook page, it’s just a matter of dragging icons to your page.  You then can customize the element by adding text, uploading a graphic and more.  To take advantage of ShortStack, you don’t need to be a web developer (although, understanding CSS would be helpful).
  2. Powerful: There are 30 widgets that you can drag ‘n’ drop on to your custom page.  The widgets that are available are; rich text, image, links, gallery, products listing, comment, like, invite, promotions, voting, contest, contact, newsletter signup, video, Twitter, RSS feed, Google Maps, FourSquare, polls, countdown, Flash, and more.  And they always add new ones.
  3. Affordable: If you look at other Facebook application framework services, you’ll likely pay a lot. ShortStack has affordable plans (including a free plan) to meet your needs.  If you manage multiple Facebook pages, you can use ShortStack for all of them under the same plan (starting at $30/month).

You can take a look at the screenshot below to get an idea about the backend of ShortStack.