Steve Jobs – One Man’s Mark on the World

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: 1955 - 2011

I was very sad to hear of Steve Jobs’ passing today. His role at Apple and the visionary work he did in bringing us devices like the iPad and iPhone have permanently influenced the world. President Obama captured the scope of Jobs’ influence when he said this:

The world has lost a visionary, and there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented.

I first heard of his passing through Twitter on my iPhone.

While there are numerous ways that Steve Jobs impacted society, there are three that are especially important to me.


On January 9th, 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone.  While there have been many mobile devices prior (Palm, iPaq, etc.), none revolutionized the mobile market the way the iPhone did.  Part of the revolution, is in part, because of the ability for 3rd-party apps to be developed and used by iPhone owners.

No matter what the brand, you can now have the world’s information in your pocket.  All because of Steve Jobs and the influence of the iPhone.

Social Media

The proliferation of smartphone devices like the iPhone have contributed to the exponential growth in social networks.  With your smartphone, you can experience life (good or bad) and share it immediately with the world.

I would even dare say that Steve Jobs, through the visionary direction of the iPhone, spearheaded the globalization of the planet. The geographic distances are dramatically reduced. I can now instantly read and see what is happening thousands of miles away through tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


While this may have a smaller impact on the world, it has impacted me tremendously.

Steve Jobs is an amazing presenter and public speaker. Whether it’s a convocation speech or a product release, he inspires and conveys his message.  There have been countless articles, videos and books written about the presentation style of Steve Jobs.

One aspect of Jobs’ style that I’ve adopted is using PowerPoint not to convey information (that’s the speaker’s job), but to convey emotion.  I typically limit my slides to one image with 4 – 5 words.

Whether you’re a hardcore Mac user or a Mac hater, there is no denying that Steve Jobs has left a legacy. Thank you Steve!

  • Brad Rowley

    I used to be a hater… then I got an iPod.  That led to Apple TV, and then to trying to build a Hackintosh.  Impressed with OS X, I purchase my first Mac, a Mac Mini.  As I type this I am doing in on my MacBook.

    Steve thought that a computer should be a work of art because you spend all day working on it.  He succeeded at that.  The thing I enjoy most is thought put into all of the software.  I just love iLife and iWork.  You don’t work on a Mac, you create.

    I agree with you on Jobs’ style of presentation… ever since I saw my first Jobs presentation, I’ve tried to incorporate that style.

  • lisa_anthony

    Such pretty nice article! Steve
    Jobs  is such a nice person who always think around his place and try to improve that person who are work hard for his life. Thanks!