Why should I care about Google+?

I want to start off by apologizing for being inconsistent with my posting over the past few weeks.  I’ve been wrapping up a university course that has been taking a lot of my attention.

So by now, unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the new social network Google+.  Right now Google+ is in a limited release beta.

Fortunately my friend Kim Siever hooked me up with an invitation a few weeks ago and I’ve been poking at it.  At first it didn’t really appeal to me and I didn’t get.  It seemed a lot like a mix between Facebook and Twitter and Google hadn’t had a very good track record with social network attempts in the past with Buzz and Wave.

Any good marketer knows that in a competitive landscape, you need product differentiation.  How as Google+ going to be different than the other networks?

One word: control.

Facebook does allow you to create lists and control who views content, but you need to click several links in and have a few hours to spend to in configuring your privacy settings only to have Facebook adjust how their privacy works six months later.

Google+ offers an intuitive and easy way to manage your connections by grouping them into circles and you can easily control which circle sees your updates.

Even during a limited release private beta, Google+ managed to reach 20 million users in only 3 weeks.  It took Facebook and Twitter over 3 years to reach 20 million users.

I think Google might be on to something with Google+ and I don’t think this train will stop for a while.

The video below is a funny explanation of Google+.