Highlights from #MRUShift

UnMarketing and Me - Very Cool

UnMarketing and Me - Very Cool

Today I was privileged to attend the Social Media Shift forum at Mount Royal University.  It was great to see over 200 people that saw value in social media, so much so that they invest time and money to learn from great speakers.  If you were watching my live-tweeting, you probably came across some of my comments.

Scott Stratten a.k.a. @UnMarketing

Scott was by far the highlight of the day for me (as you can tell by the photo). I first came across Scott in 2009 when I watch his video Website Gluttony, that talks about websites typically are asking for too much info on their forms.  Ever since that video, I’ve been a huge UnFan (I made that up, you can use it though Scott ;) ).  Here are the highlights from his keynote today.

  • Why use social media? Because we are passive in person, aggressive online. Social media is honest & raw.
  • When we screw up, it’s not a fire to put out, but a chance to be awesome.
  • Where ever you work. You are the logo. You are the brand. Mission statements don’t matter, if they are not backed by action.
  • Our frontline staff are our CMO, yet they are paid the least and appreciated the least. That’s a dangerous combination.
  • We spend more time enticing new customers, that we beat down & ignore existing customers. Ecstatic customers refer are the best source for new customer referrals.
  • People spread awesome. People don’t run to the rooftops to share something that is meh.  That is the secret to content going “viral”.
  • Marketing is not a task, marketing is an action. It simply is.
  • Stop being a digital squirrel. Focus on your core content. Get better at the now.
  • Every field you ask after name/email, you lose 10-30% of sign ups. <– This one is huge!
  • Know, Like, Trust. What are you doing to increase these?
  • Social media does not change the fact that relationships take time and work.
  • Scott’s idea of a social media policy: stop hiring morons. Hire awesome!
  • Twitter is a conversation, not a dictation. Reply more to people than shouting your content.

Ernest Barbaric

I first saw Ernest speak on a panel at the Web Strategy Summit in 2009.  Since then I’ve been following his career and reading his posts and tweets.  It’s been great to see his success.  Ernest talked less about tactics and more about the science behind social media and how it influences us.  He calls this the Ripple Effect.  Each status update, tweet, video, etc. pushes either towards or away from a decision.  This often happens without us even knowing.

It was great to hear and be reminded how everything we do, everything our customers do, will influence – for the good or bad.

Karen Richards a.k.a. @SocialGrrl

I was really looking forward to hearing Karen speak as she is the social media lead at Mount Royal University – a very similar role that I have at Lethbridge College.

Karen focus on Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) and suggested that if you give your happy customers something to talk about, they will do your marketing on your behalf.  She demonstrated this with a fun case study from Mount Royal University (MRU).  Last year MRU had plans for a 16 month centennial celebration.  The problem was how to keep the momentum going during that long time frame.  After much thought, Monty the Gnome was born.

Monty was a cheeky and fun character that staff and students were able to connect with.  The execution was brilliant. From having staff and students take 100 cutouts of Monty on vacation with them and include him in photographs to developing a voice that people connected with.  Monty definitely gave people something to talk about.

Social Media Shift was a great event and the venue was great too.  I was totally impressed with the facilities at Mount Royal University. I felt very honored to attend and there was a bunch of great information, but these were the highlights for me.

What were your highlights?

  • dr_erni

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for sharing some of these idea and I’m so glad to see you enjoyed the conference. It was great chatting with you and we should definitely connect again. 

    Eric’s presentation (last one of the day) was fantastic and he shared some really cool ideas with the crowd (namely, Kraft’s Salty’s Life campaign).



  • Karen Richards (Socialgrrrl)

    Thanks for such a great post Mike! It was a great day with a diverse audience which was fantastic and looking forward to 2012 :) Nice to meet you in person!