Another Vancouver Riot Casualty

Vancouver Riots - Alex Prochazka

Alex Prochazka seen in the light blue jeans

If you watched coverage of the riots, you saw footage similar to this image.  For whatever reason, those who participated in the riots seem to have no concern about what people around them thought of them or the risks of being arrested or tear gassed.

For many of them, the risks are more severe and far reaching.

Alex Prochazka found this out the hard way.

Alex is a pro mountain biker/skier who was photographed exulting beside a burning car.  Until recently, Oakley Inc. was Alex’s largest sponsor.  Unfortunately for Alex he was wearing an Oakley t-shirt.  Oakley didn’t want their brand associated with these actions or Alex any more and immediately severed the relationship.

What does this mean for the rest of us?

Last year I wrote a blog post about how the lines between our offline and online lives are become blurred.  This has exploded (and will continue to) because of the proliferation of smartphones.

It isn’t enough to be smart about what we upload, but we need to live our lives as if the world is watching – because with mobile devices and social media, they are.