Monthly Archive:: June 2011

29 Jun 2011

Another Vancouver Riot Casualty

If you watched coverage of the riots, you saw footage similar to this image.  For whatever reason, those who participated in the riots seem to have no concern about what people around them thought of them or
23 Jun 2011

Highlights from #MRUShift

Today I was privileged to attend the Social Media Shift forum at Mount Royal University.  It was great to see over 200 people that saw value in social media, so much so that they invest time and money to
14 Jun 2011

Social Media Overload? Make Sense Of It All On June 23 At #MRUShift

Social media, engagement, authenticity, real-time and sentiment.  These are all buzz words.  But how can social media really help your organization or business? There are blogs, wikis, videos, podcasts, forums, groups, case studies and more dedicated to
10 Jun 2011

Social Media ROI: An Interview with Olivier Blanchard – Part 2

This post is is the first in a 5 part series based on an interview with Olivier Blanchard, author of Social Media ROI. Weaving Social Media into Strategy My second question I asked Olivier was, “how do you go
8 Jun 2011

Mobile… The New Frontier

Actually mobile isn’t all that new.  Wireless Markup Language (WML) has been around since 1998.  But it seems that lately that mobile awareness has been increasing significantly.  This may be largely affected by the increase in smartphone usage