Let’s All Get on the QR Code Bandwagon… Maybe

QR Code BandwagonBy now you’ve probably seen these 2D images called QR codes.  They are popping up everywhere.  Businesses, in an effort to use the latest technology are plastering them on posters, billboards, businesses cards and more.

QR (Quick Response) Codes can encode various data elements including a URL or contact information.  These codes can than be scanned by a your smartphone using a QR Code scanner.

They are an amazing way to connect print to digital and have proven to be successful in many cases.

The problem exists when organizations implement QR Codes without a clear strategy or understanding of the technology. They’ve jumped on the QR Code bandwagon without giving it much thought.

Do you understand that? Slapping a QR code on your brochure or business card only to drive people to your website that is not mobile-friendly is counter-productive.  It just doesn’t work.

QR Codes are aimed towards mobile phone users.  Wouldn’t you want to provide people with a mobile-friendly experience?

Before you jump on the QR Code bandwagon, consider these points:

  1. Use QR Codes to strategically solve a problem.
    Using a QR Code without a purpose will be hit and miss.  Implementating the technology because “everyone is doing it”, is not smart.
  2. Link the QR Code to a mobile-friendly experience.
    Some successful ideas include YouTube videos, mobile website or app, coupons, vCard info on a business card.  But whatever you do, do not take them to a non-mobile website.
  3. Remove any ambiguity.
    QR Codes are still a bit unclear.  Consider providing some brief instructions with the code.
  4. Track. Track. Track
    Using services like bit.ly, you can track the click-throughs the QR Code generates.

If you have questions about QR Codes or some of your own ideas, please share below.