The On-demand Generation

On-demand GenerationWe’ve heard of Baby Boomers, GenX, GenY and Millennials.  Each provide their set of communication challenges.

A realization came to me of what the next generation might be called and some of their challenges.

We have a PVR and Netflix and our children love to watch their favorite shows on their own schedule.  There is no need to wait for the next time slot for their show to air.  They are going to grow up with this on-demand technology as a part of their life.  It could impact their perception on society and expectations.  This On-demand Generation could grow up thinking that the world’s schedule will adjust to their schedule. This will be further compounded by real-time access to the world around them through tools like Twitter.

As I think of my children and the simple act of watching their favorite shows, I wonder what their future will be like.  How their generation will be shaped by technology and the immediacy of content and programming.

How will the On-demand Generation impact business, marketing and higher education?  Will the world around bend to the demands of this generation? What are your thoughts?

  • Ernest Barbaric

    I have a feeling future will consist of curated, custom-tailored content delivered to you across all platforms by an entity that learns what you like and don’t like… and even stuff you don’t even know you like yet.

    Some apps are already leaning that way (Zite for the iPad for example), but our technology is fragmented in this mad race for market share… My vision is that it will all have to seamlessly integrate with one another on both hardware and software side.