I Don’t Want 50,000 Twitter Followers

Two years ago I wrote a post about the failure of social media.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about that topic again.  I follow 1,900 people, which is almost impossible to be social with that many people.  I’ve put people that I really want to listen to into lists to help raise them above the noise.  One of the people I have in a list follows about 60,000 people and has about 50,000 followers.

I quite often retweet his content as I find it valuable.  I have never received any acknowledgement or thank you for sharing his content.  I don’t expect constant contact with this person,  but not receiving any reply leaves me wondering if I will continue to share his messages.

I’m sure the main reason is that this person has so many followers that he can’t fully interact with them, but I don’t think that justifies it.  At some point do you get ‘too big’ and lose focus on the true meaning of social media?

How to Remain Social?

  • Reply to people when they ask you questions.
  • Thank people for sharing your message.
  • Acknowledge people that help you.
  • Share other’s content, not just your own.
  • Don’t just share push messages. Ask informal/personable questions.

By following these points, you’ll ensure you will not lose valuable followers.

By the way, I would really love 50,000 Twitter followers.  I would just work hard at remaining social and acknowledging people.

  • Tracy Edwards

    Mike, I appreciate that you re-post links to my Blog!

  • Ian

    Hey Mike, interesting post… I suppose the only comment I would have, is that we all have to be true to ourselves at the end of the day. We cannot control what others do or how they do it. I too follow some folks with 50k+ Follower lists, Mari would be one of them, but I share the content of those people, because I believe it will add value to those who may receive it via myself… not because I am looking for an “at-a-boy” from them. However… if I choose to change the situation from “Social Sharing” to something more personal, like a question as an example… then yes, I would then expect to receive some sort of a reply from them! Thoughts?
    Take care,