My New Social Media Opportunity

Social media will not be going away. This is largely due to the mobile market. According to comScore, 25% of US mobile subscribers used their devices to access social networks sites or blogs in January, 2011.

Olivier Blanchard in his great book, Social Media ROI, had this to say:

We did not grow tired of the telephone, of the television, of the Internet, or of our ever-evolving portable devices. We will not grow tired of the social web either.

Just as e-mail and the telephone have been baked into society as accepted forms of communications, so too will social media.

Companies that will see success  in the next few years will be those that truly embrace and leverage social media to its full capacity. I don’t mean simply maintaining a Twitter account or running a few social media campaigns. I mean fully integrate social media into every facet of the organization; customer service, recruitment, legal, marketing… everywhere.

This is why I’m excited that the leadership at Lethbridge College has seen fit to establish a new role that I will be transitioning into – a Web & Social Media Strategist.  If you want some insight into the role of a social media strategist, check out this post from Jeremiah Owyang.

There is a lot of opportunity over the next few years and I look forward to working with stakeholders to develop strategies that will ensure Lethbridge College is successful in this ever-changing landscape.

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