Another Post on Listening, But We Need It!

We all remember as little kids covering our ears when an adult talked to us.  We had to be taught the importance of listening and that it was rude to ignore adults.

While we don’t literally cover our ears and sing ‘la la la,’ our actions on social networks show a different story.  There are literally millions of posts about ‘social media listening‘ and many tools to do it.  A lot of the posts talk about listening to brand mentions or comments related to your industry.

Quite often we overlook the most obvious or simplest things.  What about when someone has a question or comment directed right to you?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised the number of people who do not respond to direct messages or replies on Twitter.

I realize that we’re all busy and the signal-to-noise ratio on social tools like Twitter is poor, but if you check your e-mail or monitor your mentions, you have no excuse to not respond.

Granted there are some comments or questions from trolls that should not be acted upon, but those are few compared to the amount of valid communications.

I make every effort to respond to valid direct messages and replies on Twitter.  What can that show your followers?

  • That there is someone really at the other end of the account.
  • That you care about what they have to say.
  • That you want to build relationships.
  • That you’re not going to waste their time.

Failing to engage with those who ask you questions or respond to your Tweets is a surefire way to damage your reputation.