Monthly Archive:: March 2011

29 Mar 2011

Social Media: A Catalyst for Change

Social media tools will come and go.  But the underlying concepts behind social media will remain.  They have and will continue to change the face of politics, business and corporate culture. When organizations begin the journey of
25 Mar 2011

Another Post on Listening, But We Need It!

We all remember as little kids covering our ears when an adult talked to us.  We had to be taught the importance of listening and that it was rude to ignore adults. While we don’t literally cover
22 Mar 2011

My New Social Media Opportunity

Social media will not be going away. This is largely due to the mobile market. According to comScore, 25% of US mobile subscribers used their devices to access social networks sites or blogs in January, 2011. Olivier
14 Mar 2011

Twitter: The Best Customer Service Tool

Years ago, before the rise of social media tools like Twitter, I had poor experiences at two different Arby’s restaurants.  I sent Arby’s head office an e-mail to voice my concerns.  I never received a reply. In
6 Mar 2011

Don’t be a Troll!

I apologize for the ranting in this post, but I’m frustrated with the blatant inconsideration of people’s feelings on social media. Have you ever had someone correct you in public or make a comment that has no point,
3 Mar 2011

5 Steps to a Killer Website

We recently launched a new website for our athletic teams.  We adopted a process that was used when we redesigned our main college website last year. The Athletic Director was fairly new to the college and was