Facebook Pages Change… Again.

Facebook PagesIn the regular style of Facebook, they will be changing the way Pages for Businesses look and function.

Normally I would be complaining about another unnecessary and unwanted change, but this time there are some neat features coming.

You may have seen a preview of this on your page already, but I’ll highlight some of the key changes/features:

  1. Showcased Photos: Your latest photos will be showcased at top of the page (similar to personal pages).  Only photos uploaded by an admin will appear in this region.
  2. Page Navigation: The ‘Tabs’ on business pages will be moved into a left side navigation, (again similar to personal pages).
  3. Wall Post Filters: Your page now only has two filters for the wall, ‘page only posts’ and ‘top posts’ from users.
  4. Interact as Your Page: This is a big deal! You can now comment on other pages as your page, like other pages as your page and more.  If you’ve ever wanted to share something as your page and not yourself, you will soon be able to do that.
  5. Settings: You can post to your page as your page or as yourself. Something that couldn’t be done before.
  6. SPAM & Profanity Protection: I’m sure if this feature is new, but it’s one I just noticed.  In the ‘Manage Permissions’ section you can setup a comma separated list of words you want to filter out of wall as SPAM.  You can also set a profanity filter.
  7. Featured Pages/Admins: You can specify which other pages that you’ve like on your page display as well as you can now feature page owners.
  8. Notifications: You can receive notifications when people comment or post to your page.

I am very excited about these new changes and can’t wait to roll them out.  You will have the opportunity to preview the changes on your page and upgrade early (note: once you upgrade, you cannot rollback).  All pages will have the new page layout and functionality by the middle of March.

For complete details on the changes, visit Facebook Help section.

  • Anonymous

    I especially like being able to act on behalf of a page rather than myself … very useful when you manage a pile of customer fan pages.

    One thing I still can’t figure out is moderation of comments in the comment box plugin. I would love to include that in my customer’s sites but many are nervous about it because of the lack of moderation. Am I missing something or is that still not an option? It seems like a no brainer to me.