Case VIII Conference Wrap-Up

This past week I attended the Case VIII Conference in Vancouver.  District Case conferences are a great opportunity to put aside the competition in higher education and build relationships, share ideas and help each other out.

This was my first Case conference and it was an amazing experience.  I want to share with you some of my key take-aways and highlights.

The Biggest Highlight

The biggest highlight by far was meeting Michael Stoner.  I first heard about Michael a few years ago and have been following him on Twitter for some time.  I was amazed that Michael indicated how he was happy he had had a chance to meet me and had been following me for some time on Twiter and my blog.  Coming from someoneI revere as an authority in the higher education web space, it was a huge compliment. Thank you Michael

Great Take-a-Ways

  • Decentralized social media leads to inconsistency in brand and strategy – @josegee
    This is so true.  While social media activities should be organic and real, coordination and leadership help ensure the brand messaging remains the same and the strategy is unified to the institution’s strategy.
  • Social media ROI is going to cost you more money than it will make you – @kempedmonds
    This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t putting value to your efforts on social media, but rather implying that by the time you calculated the ROI of all your social media activities, your money would be wasted.  Kemp suggested we do three things:

    1. Make sure we are using a web analytics program (eg. Google Analytics).
    2. Use a link shortener service to track links shared (eg.
    3. Calculate your share of voice (brand mentions / (brand + competitor mentions).
  • Michael Stoner presented some very interesting survey results from higher education institutions’ use of social media.
    • 94% of institutions are using Facebook to reach their audiences
    • 86% are motivated by constituent demand, while  84% by peer competition
    • most  institutions don’t have social media guidelines or policies
    • shared challenges include staffing, funding and lack of expertise
  • How and what we share and interact defines who we are in the Reputation Age – @JGChesney
    Jennifer talked about how we are moving from the Information Age to the Reputation Age and provided some great points for web strategy in the reputation age.  She provides her slide deck, Strategy Framework and Twitter back channel discussions on her blog.

The Case VIII Conference was very introspective for me.  It reminded me to focus on web strategy and governance.

I appreciated meeting so many great people and look forward to maintaining the connections made.

  • Tracy Edwards

    Mike. . . the conference should also have helped you recognize how “out in front” you are. Sometimes a little validation is a good thing!

  • Mike McCready

    You’re right. While there are many institutions and people further along, we are doing some great things. Thanks for noticing.

  • Michael Stoner

    Mike, thanks for the shoutout; I’m blushing. I did enjoy meeting you and getting a chance to talk!

    I certainly agree that Kemp’s comments about ROI are really thought provoking: it’s not that measurement isn’t important, it’s that being smart about what you’re measuring is just as important, if not more important, than measuring.

  • Mike McCready

    So true. I just picked up the new Social Media ROI book from Olivier Blanchard and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

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