Monthly Archive:: February 2011

28 Feb 2011

Case VIII Conference Wrap-Up

This past week I attended the Case VIII Conference in Vancouver.  District Case conferences are a great opportunity to put aside the competition in higher education and build relationships, share ideas and help each other out. This was
24 Feb 2011

Overcoming Preprogrammed Ideas About Web Communication in Higher Education

Yesterday I woke up at 4am to catch a flight to Vancouver for the Case VIII District Conference. I don’t normally wake up that early, but I set the alarm and it worked out fine. This morning,
18 Feb 2011

The 5 Types of Tweet Responses

I’ve blasted out over 4,000 tweets over the past few years and I’ve often wondered about the types of responses my tweets generate. There are five types of responses that a tweet can generate.  The graphic below
17 Feb 2011

E-Mail Links Are Meaningless

We all do it. It’s been done for years. But copying and pasting links inside e-mail messages is meaningless.  While not actually. Let me explain. When someone clicks a link that you’ve shared in an e-mail, it
15 Feb 2011

My University Listens, Does Yours?

I’m currently enroled in the Bachelor of Professional Arts: Communication Studies Major at Athabasca University. For those of you that don’t know, Athabasca University is a leading institution in online and distance education.  I am taking my
11 Feb 2011

Facebook Pages Change… Again.

In the regular style of Facebook, they will be changing the way Pages for Businesses look and function. Normally I would be complaining about another unnecessary and unwanted change, but this time there are some neat features coming. You
6 Feb 2011

How To Choose a Social Media Consultant

Before I talk about tips in selecting a social media consultant, the question should be asked; should you even be outsourcing my company’s social media efforts? The short answer is no. But it’s not that simple.  For