Social Media: You Get What You Put In?

Image from NASA

A space shuttle requires a lot of fuel and effort to lift off and break through the gravitational pull. Without all the effort and force, the shuttle would never make it through the atmosphere.  The analogy can be applied to social media.

I was giving a presentation about how and why Facebook could be used by one of our schools on campus for recruiting and a question was asked that got me thinking.

How much time do I have to put into it?

That is a very loaded question.  I mean you could easily get away with putting in five minutes a week by updating your page status once a week.

Will you see the growth to make having a Facebook page worth while? No.


Social media is not a quick win solution that you can get started and turn the auto-pilot on for the rest of the ride.

It’s about the relationships and since it’s about the relationships, we can learn from our in-person relationships.

The people that you are most close to are the ones that you talk with on a regular basis and where the conversation is stimulating.

Social Tools

I’ve been experimenting with a fairly new social tool called Quora. Quora is a social knowledge bank.  You can post questions or answer questions and have followers similar to Twitter.

After the first day, I haven’t accomplished much with it, other than receiving several e-mails notifying me that someone has followed me on Quora.

We’ve all seen or heard of social media tools that have come and gone.  Is Quora going to be one of those, I’m not sure.

One thing for certain is that you will only get out of Quora, or any social media tool, what you put into it.