Multiple Facebook Pages?

A few weeks ago I had a conversation about Facebook pages with a colleague.  An interesting questions was brought up: should an institution have just one main Facebook page or multiple (eg. for each program or service area)?

There are pros and cons to each scenario.  What I hope to do is offer my thoughts, what direction we are going and why.


  • Allows for a larger brand footprint: Having multiple Facebook pages for your organization will increase the likelihood that a prospective customer will discover your organization.  For example if someone searches ‘environmental science’ on Facebook, they may not come to your school page if you just used your school name as your Facebook page name.  But if you have another page for your environmental science program, they may discover your program’s page if your page name is ‘Environmental Science at School Name’.
  • Allows for niche marketing/conversations: You don’t want to clutter your fans’ news feed with constant updates about various programs on campus in your primary Facebook page. A separate page for programs, schools or departments would allow for that conversation to exist and would only by received by those interested.  I’m sure not all your Facebook fans care about latest happenings with your business program.


  • Requires additional resources: This point is usually the deal breaker for organizations in adopting multiple Facebook pages.  The marketing, recruitment, communications or web teams are usually already over-tasked at post secondary schools, adding more tasks to their plates is unlikely.  If the various areas on campus have the desire, time and training, why not empower them to manage their page.  I can’t emphasis enough that they should receive some training on Facebook and social media best practices.
  • May water down your brand: With having too many Facebook pages with your institution’s name attached, the potential exists that people may become unclear as to what the official channels are.  In essence your multiple Facebook pages could end up competing with each other.
  • Conversations may be lost: If you empower staff to manage their Facebook page for their program or school, conversations may be lost that are valuable for recruitment, alumni or other areas. One way to avoid this is to have one key person identified to assist in monitoring the conversation.

The pros of multiple Facebook pages outweigh the cons, with the caveat that the individual areas are able to support the Facebook page with qualified staff with the time required.

What approach does your school follow? Are there other pros or cons you can share for multiple Facebook pages?

  • David Verchere

    At PostHelpers ( we help companies manage multiple Facebook pages for their branches, dealers and locations.

    If you manage the messaging from a central repositary then allow your sales/distribution network to re-post and add to that content you can increase your footprint while avoiding watering down your brand.

    PostHelpers is the management and measuring tool that helps reduce and distribute the addiotional resource load down the channel.

    As long as you can find an owner/role (i.e. agent, dealer, etc.) for each page then having multiple Facebook pages for an organisation makes sense. You just need a tool to push content to the stakeholders and track the results.

  • Alicia Celeste

    Great post and thanks for writing this from the perspective of a higher education institution!

    I manage social media for a college with multiple locations, and I’m in the process of creating an official page for each campus. It was a difficult decision to make for EXACTLY the reasons you listed, but had to be done, again, for EXACTLY the reasons you listed.

    However, the main reason I’m creating individual Pages for our campuses is to link our Facebook Places pages with official Campus pages, thereby officially “claiming” our Places pages. I’m choosing to not link our Place Pages to my “hub” institution page, since linking a page to a Place page will a) take away some Page functionality and b) you can only link one Place to one Page, and I have 20+.

    I have a question though: If I create multiple Facebook Pages under one email address/login, will I be able to link each of those Pages to a different Places Page? I dread the nightmare it will become to have over 20 sets of login credentials, all because I wanted to claim each of my Place Pages!

    Again, much appreciate the blog post you’ve got here, specifically since it addresses my industry. Looking forward to reading more!

    – Ali

  • Get Social Traffic

    It is more easy to manage the traffic and stats of your business online if you have an individual fan page for every website you own.

  • Tara Ewalt

    Can you put different location addresses on one page?

  • Mike McCready

    Hi Tara,

    Not that I’m aware of, but if you do find a different answer, please post it here?  What are you trying to accomplish?

  • Shily-Virtual Office Assistant

    Is there a chance that search engines considers posts of multiple pages to be spam?

  • Eliza

    Hello. Is it possible to open multiple pages on the same facebook Acoount? How? Please reply