How To Get Value From Your Older Blog Posts

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We all know the story; write your blog post, promote it, get traffic, end of story.

What do you do with your hundreds of blog posts just sitting there collecting virtual dust?

Recently, I started following well-known digital marketer, Jeff Bullas on Twitter.  Many of his tweets have had interesting headlines, so I would end up clicking on the link.

Most times, the link took me to a post that Jeff had written several months ago.

His posts was still very relevant and a very interesting read; well worth the click.

Yesterday, I shared the following on Twitter:

Can you design a website by committee in higher education? The short answer is no: #highered #design

The tweet was retweeted a few times, generated 43 visits to the post and 1 comment.

I wrote the post on March 5, 2009.  Instead of collecting dust in my blog, the post generated some great activity.

Here are some ways to get more traction from your old blog posts:

  • Send a tweet with a link to your post (make sure you use a catchy headline).
  • Offer to syndicate your post as a guest blog post on another blog.
  • Share your blog post on Facebook.
  • Repurpose your post on

You may have some great blog posts that are very valuable and interesting, but people will not come across on their own.  Sometimes you need to point them in the right direction.

How do you get traction from older blog posts?