Monthly Archive:: January 2011

24 Jan 2011

Local Social Media: Gas King

A few weeks ago I received a tweet from the Gas King Twitter account informing me that I won 1000 KickBack points (which is equal to 10 dollars). A few days later I swung by Gas King
20 Jan 2011

Technology Impacts Communication

As I’ve been preparing for an upcoming social media presentation, I started thinking about the impacts of technology on advertising and communication. Each time technology changes, the way the we communicate changes.  Sometimes the communication method becomes
18 Jan 2011

Local Social Media: Naked Pizza

Since I am teaching a non-credit social media course at Lethbridge College and now recently will have a regular column in the Lethbridge Journal (starting in February) about social media, I would like to spend some time
14 Jan 2011

Share the Social Media Load

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Social networks have been around for a few years now, but many people still don’t understand them.  It’s this ambiguity that instills a bit of fear and causes people to think social media is
12 Jan 2011

My Yellow Pages Booster Seat

For a long time, Yellow Pages have been an effective tool for local advertising.  From coupons to full page ads, businesses attempt to reach prospective customers. We all have heard the popular slogan, “Let your fingers do
8 Jan 2011

Social Media: You Get What You Put In?

A space shuttle requires a lot of fuel and effort to lift off and break through the gravitational pull. Without all the effort and force, the shuttle would never make it through the atmosphere.  The analogy can be
7 Jan 2011

How To Get Value From Your Older Blog Posts

We all know the story; write your blog post, promote it, get traffic, end of story. What do you do with your hundreds of blog posts just sitting there collecting virtual dust? Recently, I started following well-known