The Death of Adobe Flash

Today I had an interesting conversation with Hope Litwin about the future of Adobe Flash.  She was of the opinion that Flash was going to be obsolete in the next few years (if not sooner).

This got me thinking and fueled the conversation.  I realized that I haven’t seen that many Flash sites these days.

If you recall when Flash first came out, it was criticized at first, and then exploded.  Flash sites were all over the place.

I remember myself designing Flash-only websites. Then I evolving into hybrid sites that used Flash for the header and HTML for the body.

The days of Flash development are soon coming to an end.  Here are the reasons Flash will be gone in a few years (if not sooner):

  • Javascript libraries: libraries like jQuery, mootools, have allowed designers to deliver interactions that were previously only available using Flash.
  • High adoption rate of iPod/iPad: the high adoption rate of iPods and iPads will limit the use of Adobe Flash since currently Apple refuses to allow Flash to run on these devices.
  • HTML5 will eliminate Flash Video: with the introduction of HTML5 and the video tag, the need for Flash for playing videos will be reduced.

I’m not sure if Flash will die out next year or the year after or when.  But the fact is, it is a tool that is losing marketshare and less and less people are using Flash.

  • Cody Foss

    Flash is the new IE6. It can’t die soon enough.