Did I Fail on Social Media?

Today I completed my Movember efforts (Yah! No more mustache). I had a goal to raise $500 for prostate cancer research. I was able to raise $265. That is only half way to my goal.

This got me thinking. Did I fail because I didn’t reach my goal?

Yes, I failed to reach my goal of raising $500, but there is something less tangible than the money raised.  I talked on several occasions about mens health and prostate cancer research.  Mens heath is a topic is that is rarely discussed and I was successful in increasing awareness of prostate cancer research.

Social Media’s Less Tangible Benefits

There are countless metrics including conversions, retweets, comments, clicks, etc.  If you don’t reach your goals for the metrics you’ve identified, does that mean you have failed on social media? No. You may lack comments on your blog or your tweets may not be retweeted a lot, but that doesn’t mean your message is lost.

Just as my Movember efforts helped raised awareness of the campaign and prostate cancer, your social media messages are likely still reaching your audiences and being consumed.

According to the graphic below from Jeremiah Owyang, the majority of people on social networks are either Inactives (don’t participate on social media) or Spectators (consume content only).

I’m sure these numbers may have shifted in the last few years, but I’m sure the majority of people still only consume content.

So the next time you think you’ve failed on social media because you didn’t get as many blog comments or retweets as you wanted, remember your message is still being read.