Create a Social Media Hub

There are numerous social networks where you can invest your time. Do consider the following risks, however, before investing effort and energy in many social networks.

  1. Your online community can be disconnected.
    Imagine a large city surrounded by several smaller cities and towns. These communities, although close in proximity, can be disconnected because of competing priorities. No unified communication channels may exist and thus there is no sense of online community.
  2. Social networks may rise and fall.
    Investing heavily in a particular social network and building that up as your organization’s home online can lead to potential danger. Social media are still very young: they are evolving and maturing. Social networks are not guaranteed to always be present or available. Prior to Google’s purchase of YouTube in 2006, there were many copyright lawsuits against YouTube.  These could have easily buried YouTube had Google not bought it for $1.65 billion.

Social Media Hub

By building up your social media networks with a hub approach, you can greatly reduce the risk. The diagram below shows one possible social media hub. You’ll notice that your blog or website is central to the hub. If a particular social network becomes obsolete or loses popularity (MySpace™ has been on a steady decline), you can swap out that tool and replace it with another social network. A hub approach will also help to unify your online communities and drive people back to your blog or website.

  • Warren Whitlock

    I assume you mean a self hosted blog. Otherwise, it may as well be one of the others at the center

  • Mike McCready

    Yes for sure.  A blog hosted at or Blogspot is faces the same risks as any 3rd party social networks.
    I personally love my self-hosted install of WordPress.  So much power and flexibility.

  • CharlesHHawk

    When using a blog to support your business, It’s critical to create a plan and provide sufficient resources. Many businesses don’t realize that the power of the blog takes time to yield result. Its a part of your on going business